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Elevate your team's well-being 🧘🏻 and performance 🚀 with WellPlay. We believe in the power of games to transform your team into a closely-knit, motivated force. Our motto, "Games Connecting People," reflects our commitment to providing exceptional experiences designed for team-building, well-being, and e-learning.


Games are transformative tools in enhancing employee experience


Strengthens Team Bond

Fosters deeper connections within remote teams, bridging geographical distances to build a strong, united team spirit.


Boosts Motivation

Elevates employee morale across different locations, keeping remote teams driven and energized.


Learning Through Fun

Transforms learning into an engaging experience, essential for the continuous development of remote teams.


Encourages Creativity

Stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving, vital in a distributed team environment.

Use cases

Strategic and Tactical Impact


Foster Team Cohesion

Our games effectively unite remote teams, promoting cohesion and a shared sense of purpose across global offices.

Reinforce Company Values

Tailored to embody your organization's ethos, our games help instill core values in team members, regardless of their location.

Interactive E-Learning

Transforms distance learning into a compelling journey, making it engaging and effective for employees worldwide.

Our Approach

The Wellplay Difference

At Wellplay, we're more than game creators; we're architects of remote team synergy. Specializing in designing interactive gaming experiences, we understand the intricacies of distributed workforces. Our mission is to transform remote work dynamics through engaging and meaningful games. By fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration, we enhance the Employee Experience for teams spread across the globe. Trust us to bridge the distance in your organization, creating a united, creative, and motivated workforce.

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Fantastic game that really fosters team integration. Many in our group got really engaged!
original language
Wspaniała gierka i do tego robi robotę integracyjną. W naszej grupie sporo osób się wciągnęło.


UI/UX Agency CEO

Great fun for IT teams (Rubber Duck 😉) and beyond...!
original language
Świetna zabawa dla zespołów z branży IT (Rubber Duck 😉) i nie tylko...!


Privacy & Law Expert

This game is gold! Guaranteed great fun. It supports networking and team building!
original language
Ta gra to złoto! Gwarantowna świetna zabawa. Wspierająca networking i teambuilding!


Social Media Agency CEO

Awesome fun and great for team integration!
original language
Świetna zabawa i integracja!


Coach & Mentor


Frequently asked question

01. How quickly can the game be implemented in our company?

The timeline for implementation depends on the extent of customization required. For standard customizations, the minimum time is one week. However, we recommend planning for a 2-3 week implementation period to fully leverage the creative potential of customization.

02. What customization options are available for the game?

We offer extensive customization options. This includes complete alteration of visuals such as the start and end screens, game backgrounds, and character personas. Going further, we can create special game rules, introduce levels of initiation, and apply unique rules for selected players. Ultimately, we can even develop an entirely new game for your organization - the only limit is your imagination.

03. Is there technical support available, and how quickly can assistance be provided?

Yes, of course. The scope and duration of support depend on whether the game is intended for a one-time event or as a long-term tool supporting specific actions or knowledge in your company. For one-time events, we closely monitor the game's progress and are readily available for immediate assistance. For long-term use, we determine the level and duration of support based on your needs.

04. Can the game be tailored to specific training or developmental goals of our company?

Absolutely, this was one of our key considerations when creating the game. Training or developmental content can be creatively incorporated into the game. While it won't be conventional e-learning or bookish knowledge, it will be a fun, entertaining way to reinforce learning through flashcards, role-play scenarios, or even uncovering mysteries.

05. Can the game be integrated with our company's IT infrastructure?

Upon request, we can launch the game within your company's IT infrastructure, integrate domain logins into the game, or provide game progress and results via an API that can be further utilized within your organization.

Got a specific project in mind?

Reach out to us and let's transform your ideas into an engaging gaming experience.
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